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Crawford Spurs & Saddlery

Rex Crawford - Silversmith

Academy of Western Artists 2015 Engraver of the ‚ÄčYear

Wild Rose Spurs

Sculpted, steel engraved spurs with Wild Rose in copper & Silver

Butterfly Spurs

Steel engraved spurs in high relief style with copper butterflies

Horseshoe themed spurs

Sculpted steel spurs with high relief engraving and silver horseshoe accents

High Sierra Spurs

Sculpted, steel engraved spurs with silver accents

Loveland Sunflower Spurs

Sculpted and engraved bottle opener style spurs with large sunflower rowels

Fancy Cowboy Spurs

Steel engraved spurs with silver ranch brand and accents

Cowboy spurs with ranch brand

Steel cowboy using spurs with a plumb brown finish, brass ranch brands and silver accents

Steel engraved show spurs

Sculpted and steel engraved spurs with a running leaf pattern

Snake Spurs

Sculpted, steel engraved snake spurs with silver accents